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It's not the first time we have been blown off by Seiko's detailed finishes and perfect attention to detail. The Grand Seiko collection is home to a number of in-house calibers like the Spring Drive, which combines the performance of a quartz movement along with a mechanical motion in one. The Grand Seiko Elegant Limited Edition watch ref: SGBY003 is exclusive to just 700 watches globally and is the perfect representation of Seiko's tradition in producing high performance wristwatches trimmed with exquisite style credentials.

The Grand Seiko Elegant SGBY003 is powered by a hybrid vehicle movement that provides superior performance and precision. It incorporates an IC, an electronic brake along with a quartz crystal which work together to lead to an average monthly fee of ±15 seconds (or ±1 second per day on average) -- that is quite an astonishing achievement. Therefore, it comes as no surprise that Seiko wish to celebrate the 20th anniversary of their iconic Spring Drive using an assortment of timepieces such as the likes of the Grand Seiko Elegance Limited Edition watch using a radiant white dial. Its crisp, clean aesthetic will attract lovers of modern wristwatches in addition to those who love nothing more than straightforward and conventional timekeeping. The dial is spaciously laid out, avoiding unnecessary detail which would otherwise overcomplicate and clutter its sublime display.

The Grand Seiko Limited Edition SGBYOO3 is developed from the Organization's Micro Artist Studio in Japan. Each element is hand assembled and developed in-house, bringing watchmaking artistry to life. The understated and refined look of the watch is improved by slender hands carved to a sharp point and an elegant blued steel sweeping seconds hand. Little pockets of light can be admired from the textured finishes of a guilloche effect applied to the dial, together with delicate shadows cast from the hand-arranged baton indexes around the hour trail. The iconic"Grand Seiko" lettering is emblazoned on the surface of the dial, protected by a dual-curved sheet of sapphire crystal that has been incorporated with anti fungal properties to grant a very clear view into the hands of the time. The dial is an incredibly distinctive quality of this limited edition timepiece since it changes expression based on the angle it is viewed at. Inspired by the warmth of sun as it penetrates through the leaves of trees, a piece of Japan's beauty is as evident as ever through the dial of this stylish wristwatch.

The Grand Seiko Elegant Limited Edition SGBY003 can also be equipped with a sapphire-backed situation which delivers an exclusive glimpse into the functioning of the in-house designed 9R31 movement with an impressive 72 hour power reserve. The rear of the case is also engraved with all the iconic lion logo along with also the watch's unique limited edition number.

Having a specially slender instance, Seiko layout this version to sit flat against the wrist which makes it exceptionally comfy to wear all day and long into the night. Befitting of a dress custom watches, it may also be worn as an everyday companion as a result of the surface of the situation having undergone a classically polished finished by the hands of Grand Seiko experts. In typical Grand Seiko style this limited edition watch boasts superb sharp and crisp endings that fit in line with the organization's exquisite approach to horological creation. A timepiece for professionals, collectors and businessmen alike.

Mens Skeleton Watches