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Voluntary Services

Pakistan Kidney Patients Association (PKPA) is a registered organization.

  • We are run entirely on a women's watches voluntary basis for the benefit of renal patients. Membership is open to all patients.
  • We represent the interests and raise issues on behalf of PKPA patients.
  • We work closely with the PKPA social work team to provide funds for patients with hardship problems.
  • We collect donations and make responsible spending donations.
  • We organize fund raising activities and produce information literature.
  • We promote national renal events.

  • Quality of Care

    PKPA gives utmost importance to maintain and sustain quality of care provided to the patients. The patients and their families are promptly helped with their queries and are offered help and support to resolve their concerns. PKPA provides impartial information about its services and always welcomes suggestions to improve its services.