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Mohammad Asif Sadia Hussain Her hemoglobin dropped to 6, her heartbeat lowered to 40 and she went unconscious. It was a freezing day of December 2011 when she was brought to the hospital in an extreme critical condition. She was diagnosed with End Stage Renal Disease. Since her diagnosis, she has underwent numerous surgeries. As survival among patients with renal failure improves, vascular access becomes more difficult, and preservation of functioning access increases in importance. Thrice her AV- Fistula failed. She does not even remember how many times she bore the pain of permacath. These days she is getting it done from the graft at subclavian vein and jugular vein. The last life line! She awaits a miracle now! Sadia holds a Masters in Chemistry. Currently, she is a lecturer at one of the missionary colleges in Rawalpindi. Despite of all her sufferings she regularly lectures at the college and twice a week she goes for her dialysis treatment. ├ČLife is short, Live it to most? says Sadia.
Kaneez Akhtar Hassan Hassan came to PKPA in 2010, when he was in class 9th.After his renal failure,being the only breadwinner of his family, he left school. Dialysis is quite an expensive treatment and many patients lose their lives as they fail to afford it.
Shahzida Shahzida begum is 37 year old, house wife and mother of two sons. She got married in her early teens. Shazida is suffering for the renal failure since last 15 years. To keep herself away from dialysis she kept neglecting minor problems. She was taken to the hospital in emergency six years before and since that day she is on dialysis. She went to the other dialysis centers of the town, but did not recover. She was brought to PKPA in a very bad condition. This is her 4th year coming to the PKPA dialysis center. She is back to her normal life. She cooks food for her kids, does most of her household task and thank God for bring her here, to PKPA dialysis center. This is indeed a blessing in her life
Saima Aziz Saima Aziz, is 31 year old, resides in Jehlum. She was diagnosed with Nephritic syndrome when she was only ten. She had a successful kidney transplant in 2001. She kept studying, while she was in isolation after her kidney transplant, and did her graduation. The transplant was rejected due to intake of fake medicine. “Even after my transplanted kidney failed I had hope that my kidneys will start working again. It took six months to accept the fact that I have to go on dialysis. Since the time I accepted the harsh reality I felt half of my suffering ended.” Says Saima

This is her forth year coming to PKPA. She comes for dialysis twice weekly. She spends her time cooking and baking different things. Her father believes she is the best cook.She gives the whole credit to her father for treating her like princess and remains with her all the time. She is also thankful to her uncle Bergd Yunus for helping her in the time of need. Saima laughed for a moment and said ,"I fight with my brothers but they say nothing, Everyone takes very good care of me” ,she added.She hopes that she will get her transplant done in days to come, and will be back to normal life once again

Mr. Pervaz Akhtar Mr. Pervaz Akhtar is 56 year old. He is father of four daughters and a son. He runs his own pharmaceutical business in Rawalpindi. He was diagnosed with kidney failure four years before. To avoid dialysis he went to a homeopathic doctor that somehow kept him away for dialysis for a year and half. Unfortunately, he had to have an emergence dialysis. This is his second year coming to PKPA. He is happy and satisfied with the care and facilities provided at PKPA dialysis center. He leads an active life. He goes to his shop, looks after his business ,takes his wards out for a drive and is thankful to God.

“My wife Mrs Shahnaz Akhtar is my strength I give whole credit to her for being with me all the time, of course I get upset when I sit alone and think about the days to come. I have an advice; never avoid dialysis if you are the patient of CRF. It will only leads to acute problems”, Say Pervaz Akhtar."

Major Rana Anwar-ul-Haqe Major Rana Anwar-ul-Haqe(An inspiration for everyone)

Major Anwar is a retired Army officer. He is 50, with two daughters and a son. He was in Corps of Engineers. He was very fond of travelling and had spent a very happy and healthy life.

In 1997 he was diagnosed with Adult Polycystic Kidney Disease (ADPKD). Although this brave soldier was born with this disease, the cysts and the stones were slowly eating up his kidneys. But it was only careful living and proper medication that he kept the dialysis on hold. Later on Major Anwar was diagnosed with HTN,CVA and heart problem but he never made them his weakness. He believes that even in the worse scenario, survival is possible. He successfully completed his twenty four year of service.

In March 2010, he had his first dialysis. This is his second year coming to PKPA. He finds this dialysis center a blessing.

“It is only because of my caring and educated wife Mrs Rehana Anwar ,that I kept gaining strength. Allah Almighty has been extra kind to us. He guided us and led us to this dialysis center, because He loves us and wanted the best for us. My eldest sister Nighat was also a big support and of course my mother’s prayers always saved me from worse conditions”, says the soldier.

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