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Message from Patron / President

Dr Zaheer-Ud-Din
Kidney disease is rampant in Pakistan and unfortunately on the increase. Main reasons are lack of awareness about the causes of kidney failure, insufficient facilities of diagnosis and costly treatment. Poverty adds to the misery especially for underprivileged segments of our society. Pakistan Kidney Patients Association (PKPA) is striving hard to address the problems by providing free consultation, treatment and dialysis at PKPA Dialysis Centre to the poor people. The center is equipped with latest Dialysis Machines and allied Lab facilities. We are grateful to our donors for their generous donations, commitment, continuous support and cooperation. PKPA management team is highly motivated and well trained to do the job. May Allah Almighty guide us to reach out to more needy patients for quality treatment. Ameen

Gen (R)
Sarfraz Iqbal
It is a matter of honor for me to be part of an organization like Pakistan Kidney Patients Association. PKPA is dedicated to serve the poor by helping them to maintain their health, especially the kidney patients. Every member of this social welfare organization and all its donors are committed to provide best possible care for the renal diseases. It is an honor for us and for me as the President a double honor to be contributing in maintaining the quality of life of those who need it the most. Dialysis is an agonizing, expensive treatment for the patient and a huge burden on his/her family. At PKPA, we provide the best possible quality dialysis to all who come to us irrespective of their status. I appeal to all kind hearted people and corporations to help us in his noble cause of serving the humanity.
Pakistan Kidney Patients Association (PKPA) is a Registered Welfare Charity Organization. It helps in alleviating the sufferings of the poor kidney patients by giving them free consultation, treatment and dialysis. It promotes awareness about kidney diseases by organizing lectures and seminars in colleges and universities. It is apolitical, non-sectarian and non-commercial organization.

At PKPA, the management focuses on delivery of quality health care to its deserving kidney patients by acquiring latest equipment and its maintenance and also employing well qualified physicians who offer sound health recommendations.

The dialysis center is continuously expanding its services with the contribution from civil society and individual philanthropists. The centre includes screening of kidney patients, dialysis and an OPD section. Plans are being developed to start Ultrasound and ECG  facilities as well.
  • Reduce Kidney diseases by creating awareness in the general public and providing free consultation and treatment
  • Mission
  • To spread awareness on renal health in masses and make the kidney treatment affordable, especially for the poor and underprivileged people, through quality dialysis, free or on minimum cost, with the help of integrated social support system.
    • Registered with Government of Pakistan Directorate of Social Welfare Punjab registration # DDSWWD&BM/RWP/98-0721.
    • Tax exempted vide income Tax Ordinance 2001
    • Re-certified by Pakistan Centre for philanthropy (PCP). vide PCP-R1/2014/197 dated 12-03-2014
    • Registered with Punjab Healthcare Commission.
    • Registered with I-Care Foundation.

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